Game engine for beginners – Unreal Engine 4

Jumping into the world of game development is an exciting decision. But the very first questions that strike our mind are , “Which game engine to choose?”, “Which is best game engine for beginners?” . Here, I am going to recommend Unreal Engine 4, as it was my first game engine with which I entered into the world of game development. Before discussing about Unreal Engine 4, first of all lets shed some light over what is a game engine and why do we need one.

What is a game engine and why you need one?

A game engine is a tool designed for game developers to help them make games for different platforms like PC, Mobile , Consoles. Game engines are very helpful for small team of indie game developers or small studios who can build games easily without any need to understand the complex structure of how things are working in the background. They save you plenty of work and time which you would have to spent in absence of game engines. Because of game engines , you can concentrate all your time and energy into making games without worrying about tons of tasks a game engine is performing for you.
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Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints or C++, what to choose ?

Choosing between Unreal Engine 4 C++ or Blueprints

Should I learn Unreal Engine 4 C++ or Blueprints? When you have finalized Unreal Engine 4 as the platform to develop your next game, this is the very first question that will pop up in your mind .

Every beginner in Unreal Engine 4 encounters this question and most of them are confused about choosing BLUEPRINTS over C++ or vice versa. This question seems very obvious as Blueprints and C++ , both of them provides almost all the functionalities which are required to develop a game. Then questions arises – ” why to choose C++ and not Blueprints  or vice versa? “, “On what basis we will choose one of them?”.
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